Accidental Vegetarian

I don’t know how I did it, but I ended up spending the day eating nothing but veggies, and I liked it!

Back when I was in middle school I stopped eating red meat and pork. I kept it up until I went back to college in 2003. I even spent a year without chicken, which I’m suprised I was able to last as long. By that time I had been toying with the idea of eating whatever again, and the lack of really any variety in terms of non-meat products in the school cafeteria sealed the deal. I didn’t stop eating the meat because of animal rights (although it did have a small effect), I did it more for the health benefits.

Ever since then I’ve been wanting to go back to that diet. I don’t think I could ever become fully vegetarian, although I would love it if I could. Now, along with the health benefits of that diet/lifestyle, I also am seriously considering it more for the animal reasons. Funny how things change!

I’ve always been into almost everything vegetarian, which is why I don’t understand why I haven’t tried to do it again. I love meat substitutes (and regularly have them in place of the real thing), tofu, almost any veggie, and am obsessed with all things vegetarian when I go out to eat (especially if they have portabella mushrooms, I’m addicted to those things!).

Today I was lazy after an early morning trip to the post office to pick up a package, I didn’t feel like making a real meal. I ended up grabbing a couple of granola bars, pumpkin pie yogurt, some more granola w/pumpkin seeds, clementines, bananas, and an apple. I have a stash of pretezels at work that I incoporated into the meal. I know it wasn’t the best nutritionally well-rounded, but it could have been a whole lot worse. I thought I would get hungry because of the lack of protein, but it really was just the right amount. Then tonight I ended up eating a Boca spicky chikin patty with some potato rounds. So good!

I’ve been noticing that I have been accidently having vegetarian days a lot, and I like it. Hopefully I’ll continue it until finally I’m letting go of red meat completely!


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