Merry Christmas on this warm, windy, rainy Louisville day!

This year was the first official year that I didn’t spend Christmas with anyone but the three adorable rat-children I have. Home was too far away, and I had other offers but ultimately decided that staying was for the best. In all seriousness, it is just another day and I’m happy that all of my family and friends are happy and healthy!

Before I give my annual “Blog about what I got” list, I figure giving a recap up the last couple of days is in order.

I got out of work early on Wednesday (after sleeping through my alarm 2 hours… whoops) and ended up going over to Jimmy Johns for a sub. I used to work for Publix for years, so I’m kind of a loyal fan. But it really is the best grocery store I have ever been too. Whole Foods and the like are the only thing that compare, but even then price wise they don’t. When I’m home in St. Augustine, I stock up on Publix brand stuff especially now that they have so much more Greenwise stuff then when I lived there…anyways, off topic, but what that story leads to is the fact that I absolutely LOVE Publix subs, and Jimmy Johns is the closest in taste to it. Sorry, I’m long winded. Sadly, I ate the whole entire thing, even though I wasn’t hungry after half.

Christmas Eve I went out for a few last things for my Christmas dinner at Whole Foods. I also kind of wanted to see how bad it was considering the Whole Foods here is by the two biggest malls, which are side-by-side straddling the highway. It was crazy. I ended up grabbing stuff at the salad bar for a late lunch. I’m addicted! I came back and ended up watching some old videos of Antishay’s on Youtube. I always find new ideas or tips, I love watching her journey, even though her’s was a lot shorter than mine is, it’s nice to see that it’s the same for everyone.

I ended the night with my sorta, semi-annual Love Actually viewing at Christmas. That’s such a fantastic movie; I keep forgetting how awesome it is until I watch it again.

I woke up this morning to the wind HOWLING. I made some blueberry spelt muffins from the Whole Foods website and while they were in the oven I opened up my stocking. It had:

  • Fingerless hobo gloves (which I’m wearing as I type)
  • Fingerless arm glove with thumb hole
  • Socks
  • Target and iTunes gift cards
  • Pocky
  • Eggnog chocolate bar
  • Lip gloss
  • Sugar lip scrub

I then opened up my gifts. I got

  • Clarisonic face scrub gadget thing (my mom raves about it)
  • Bluetooth music/call receiver for my car
  • Cat calendar
  • Single serve blender
  • Antennae so I can get some over the air channels
  • Wii Fit Plus
  • Costco membership

This year was fun, I didn’t really ask for anything so everything was kind of a surprise, and I like that it was stuff that is practical, yet I would have never spent money on it for myself. Michael (my brother) didn’t know I wasn’t going to be home till he got there, so his stuff for me will be sent up soon.

Everyone enjoyed my gifts, which I’m happy about. I got my mom the Absolutely Fabulous complete series (which she says was on the other day, and was thinking about how much she liked that show and hadn’t seen it in years), my brother LOVED his b-day gift of The X-Men cartoon series volume 1, which he texted me immediately when he opened it the other day, and really liked the iPod speakers I got him, and my dad opened my Mario Wii game before he opened the Wii.

I’d say my first alone Christmas wasn’t so bad. Now onto the New Year and those pesky resolutions…


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