Weight Goals

I was asked a couple of days ago on what my goal weight was. I made a video about it while I was going through my old Weight Watchers bag. I won’t embed it here just link to it since I feel that the majority of my posts are just videos, but the bag had all of my old journals, recipe cards and other paraphonalia from Weight Watchers meetings, but most importantly it had my weigh-in cards. It kind of inspired me to look back at what my weight was then, and what I accomplished through the program, and come up with some weight goals for myself. I’ve never really sat and thought about a weight goal, other than to be in my healthy weight range for my height, 5’6″ (115-154), and to be at a healthy BMI to not be considered overweight.

I remember in high school (when I started Weight Watchers) I had the number 150 in my head as the weight I wanted. I really don’t know why I had set my sights on that number. It probably was the weight of someone on T.V. or even in a magazine and I thought they looked fine. I’ve kept that as my goal weight for a while, but not really because of anything more than I’ve just always had that number in my head. I’ve spent some time thinking about this, and researching what weight I should be striving towards as my goal weight. I’ve come up with some goal weights, that vary in pounds. I think having smaller goals that are achievable is a great plan for anybody trying to work up to something. Since I’ll have goals through each step of my journey, it will continuouly give me something to look forward to, almost a mini prize, and not just get discouraged that the ultimate goal seems so far away and I will never achieve it.

-My first goal is to get back to or below the weight I was back in February which was 298 lbs. This goal is super achievable since I my last weigh-in was at 300, but I have wanted this goal for a while since I had fallen off and gained those 6ish pounds.

-My second goal weight will be 270 lbs. In true Weight Watchers fashion, 30 pounds 10% of my current weight. I figured I would follow WW because the goal is substantial enough to make me feel like I have shaved off a dent of my weight, but not overly to hard to achieve.

-My third goal is 250 lbs which is my highest weight recorded in high school, and where I was at the begining of WW

-Fourth is 224 lbs, my lowest weight on WW. Once I hit this, I know that it will give me an extra push to be healthier than I was in high school, and that will be fantastic.

-Fifth is 200 lbs because its just seemed fitting 🙂

-And sixth is 150. The biggest jump from any of the previous goals, but I feel that I need it. This is also, for the time being my dream goal. It will always be that because of my constant love of that number since high school, but also because I want to know what I feel like as a 150 pound woman. I don’t want a dream goal that is not right for my body, and the only way to know that is to get there. 150 pounds will be towards the top of my weight class, and I am fine with that. If my body thinks it should be lower after this point, I’ll gradually get to a weight I feel is safe, healthy, and something I can sustain for the rest of my life. The only way to do this is to get there and be that person, not a 300 pound woman speculating.

If you notice in all of my goals I don’t set any sort of a guideline in time. I don’t want to. I feel pressured when I put those restraints on myself, and then feel crushed/defeated/mentally bruised when I don’t make it. It’s what has put me off from sticking with weight loss before, and I don’t feel the need to do it again. I don’t want to rush this, I want my body to naturally get into the rhythm of weight loss and eventual maintain. Rushing only helps the eventually triggering of a relapse, and this really is a day by day thing. I also want to live life. I don’t want to be down on myself for enjoying a party with friends, or a trip where I gain a little bit. As long as I don’t keep that up, I am perfectly fine with gaining every once in a while and getting back on track. If this journey only makes me hate life each day that I do it, I’ll give up or miss a ton of precious moments because I’ll be in a bad mood. We only live this life once, why not make it a fun experience.


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