Weigh-in #9

Hello hello hello!

WOW have I been busy. This past week was the epically long babysitting job and I was pretty much only focused on that (whether I wanted to or not. The baby kittens were still on bottle milk and adorably cuddley) and haven’t done ANYTHING that I should be doing!

In about 3ish days I’ll be heading on my road trip to Virginia to start the summer stock job for 9 weeks. I’m going to miss everyone here though. I have just started packing, and I’ve realized that I’m bringing more food/cooking utensils than I am anything else. I can’t afford to buy anything I already have, and will have very little money for the first month and a half so I’m bringing as much as I can so that I don’t starve and to keep up being healthy.

So even though I did not think I was going to be able to I was able to weigh in this past Sunday…

At 297.8!

Say goodbye to that first goal! That’s a loss of 2.2 lbs from the week before last. I’m officially at my lowest weight which is FANTASTIC. I honestly never, ever, expected that to happen especially with the amount of junk, lack of counting, and no exercise I did this past week. I guess the constant trips up and down the stairs and feeding five kittens is a workout. I also know that some days I didn’t eat (not purposefully, I was either tending to the kittens or passed out on the couch). I’ve been currently re-watching Sex and the City and I just watched the episode where Miranda puts on her skinny jeans and talks about how she did it by “Accidently getting pregnant, having a baby, and then not having time to eat”. SO TRUE. I know I didn’t have a real baby, but let me just say orphaned baby kittens are just as hard. The only difference is that you can leave them at the house without a baby sitter. And by 4 weeks they can climb and have sharp nails. Love them, but they wore me out.

I am hoping to go for a walk tomorrow before heading to Rebecca’s to watch the kids again while she goes back up to Cincy. It’ll be nice seeing the kids again, having cable and internet, and getting laundry done (which I need to do so I won’t be slacking off on my to-do list too much).

I have officially decided that I will be taking the scale with me, although I can’t garunetee stepping on the scale every Sunday, and I can garuntee not stepping on it this coming Sunday. I’m sorry but I’m not about to do it at 4 am in the morning, nor after I’m in the car for 9 hours and then trying to get all situated into my room.

All right, I need to stop procrastinating and get more work done!


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