Weigh-in #584,739,203,903 aka #14

I have no clue what weigh-in number I’m at. I’m half tempted to just make up a random number and go on with that. See, the problem is that I have a different number on my YouTube channel than I do on here. I feel that I should sync them up. So, I suppose that’s what I’m going to do, to make things fair and easy when I stop being lazy and update my poor neglected channel.

So that would make this weigh-in #14. Clearly not even close to what it is in real life, but it will do.

So, the verdict?

That is a loss of .8 lbs. Not nearly what I should have been, but much better than I had been expecting. Especially after stepping on the scale the other day and seeing a number nowhere near close to this. I’m happy, but dissapointed. I know I could have done better. I fell off the wagon hard and it was crazy getting back on. But I need to stop fretting about the past, it’s in the past and all I can do is move forward and not let the upsets bother me.

As to how I did with exercise? That’ll be another post.



These last few days have been rough. I’ve completely been falling off and doing horribly. Not eating the things I should, and definitely not exercising. I have developed a horrible sore throat and slept most of the day, and that is part of the reason I didn’t exercise today, but that’s still no excuse to be eating the way I am.

I don’t know what is wrong with me. I don’t know why I insist on hurting all the work that I had accomplished in just two days. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, and by Sunday I won’t have completely ruined all the work I had been doing, especially at the beginning of the week.

In better news, I had to stop by RiteAid to pick up some throat lozenges and ended up picking up these:

Not only are they the most amazing lozenges I have ever tasted, they are organic and portions of the sale go to the research and protection of bees. Awesome.  I don’t mind wasting away calories on these. They had a lemon honey version as well. I was with Heather, and we ended up going to Petsmart as well so that she could pick up some rat food. While there I found two absolutely adorable kittens that I wanted to adopt. They were two orange and white long hair boys. 9 weeks old. I was so in love with them I failed to get a picture. Sadly, it will probably be the last time I saw them. I went to pick up information about the rescue they were from, and saw a form filled out by someone else wanting to adopt them. I wouldn’t be able to get them for at least another month or two if I were to adopt them. There will be others when the time is right…at least this other person was going to adopt them both.

busy bee.

So I have been busy. Busy on this site.

I’ve done a major much needed makeover on the site.

The major makeover is in the new theme and in the form of a few extra pages that you can see above. I’ve updated my weigh-in page, that magically was hidden and off my site for some strange reason. Not only did I  update the weigh-ins, but I changed it to it’s new title as 2010 Weigh-ins. I added a brand new 2011 weigh-ins page that includes not only the most recent updates on this site, but the weigh-ins that weren’t on the site. I had been fairly good at recording weigh-ins for the most of this year. I use the WeightBot app, so it was easy to scroll through and find them all.

So now, if you ever want to know where I’m at without having to backtrack to weigh-in posts, just head on over to the page.

exercise routine: week 2

More for my sake than anything else (as is with the entirety of this blog, I may pretend like I’m talking to a massive group of followers who cling to my every word when in reality I’m preaching to the choir of one: aka me. I liken it to when I was little and wrote to my diary like she was a real person) I have decided to post my exercise routine that I just finalized today- go me!- so that I can refer to it online. I don’t know what I’m doing in terms of exercising, except I only go until I feel comfortable (no injuries for me) and do what’s free (because I’m a cheapskate with no job). Without further ado…

Monday 5/23:

  • Day 2 of pushups. I use the 100 Push ups app on my iPhone. Have had it for probably a year now and am finally doing it. I can only do the girly pushups now (and just barely) but I feel even that is more than I was doing. DONE.
  • Random exercise tape. I have a slew of Netflix streaming exercise videos in my queue that I’m slowly working through to see if I like the program. I haven’t decided on one for today yet. DONE. I ended up doing about 20 minutes of Self’s Slim and Sleek Fast. I loved it. It combined a lot of dance movements and made it a fun workout.
  • Candlelight Yoga est time: 45 minutes. Netflix again, it is this one. I use it for stretching and winding down for the day more than anything else. I adore yoga, partly because I have always been extremely flexible and it’s the only thing that I feel accomplished at even being this size, but since its been about 3ish years since my last class, I have to train my body again to be able to hold some of the more chalenging/not-the-best-with-my-weight positions. I was good at it by the time I stopped, so I have confidence I can get my body back to where it was. DONE.

Tuesday 5/24:

  • 45-60 min walk
  • Candlelight yoga
  • Julian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. I have no doubt I still won’t get past the 10 minute mark, but I want to keep up on it even if I’m not following the time of the program. My goal is not to do 30 days of it, my goal is to be able to get through the routine and progress to non-modified positions. DONE

Wednesday 5/25:

  • Day 3 of push ups
  • Candlelight yoga. Only if I’m sore to stretch my muscles out. This is my light day of the week so if I don’t get around to it, I’m not beating myself up about it.

Thursday 5/26:

  • 45-60 minute walk
  • 30 Day Shred
  • Random exercise. Could be the one I did on Monday if I liked it, or a new one. Up in the air.

Friday 5/27:

  • 45-60 minute walk
  • Candlelight yoga
  • Day 4 of push ups

Saturday 5/28:

  • 45-60 minute walk
  • Candlelight yoga. I’m trying to transition myself into walking and doing yoga almost everyday for the upcoming week(s). These two are extremely low impact, and are the best for me to even consider doing everyday without getting tired or feeling that I could injure myself.

Sunday 5/29:

  • REST!

I hope to continue to update this post once I accomplish an exercise to keep track on the days that I don’t do all of the exercises like planned, and the days that were easier for me to keep up with the plan.


It’s been about a year since I posted on this blog. Whoops.

Well, really not whoops. I intentionally left this blog to post on my tumblr page exclusively, thinking that I would post more there. I didn’t. Story of my life, right? Well, what I didn’t realize is that I just left this blog hanging. No goodbye. No telling where I was. I up and left. Please forgive me? To make it up I’ve decided to start posting again! Yay!

So here’s the basic (really super quick) rundown of what’s been going on lately: I left Heritage at 284 lbs (yay!) and by the time I left Actors for the season I was bouncing from 310 to 301 (boo!). After two weekends of massive amounts of awesome home cooked meals in two different states, and the combination of doing nothing but packing up the apartment I somehow managed to get up to 325. The highest I have ever seen on the scale.

And then I had myself a nice little crying-depressive fest for about a day. Reavulated my life (which apparently I like to do five million times) and decided to suck it up and keep going forward. So I started tracking my calories again on the iPhone app MyFitnessPal, which is so much more amazing than LoseIt I can’t even describe, I started moving my butt. Light yoga for 45 min here and there (so light it was basically stretching), pushups, walking, 10 minutes of Jullian Michael’s 30 Day Shred (because I couldn’t do all 20 minutes of it without wanting to throw up) and low and behold even after eating an entire bag of chips in two days I lost a massive amount of weight.

I am currently, as of this morning’s weigh-in, 311.4. I didn’t in no terms do anything that should warrant that amount of weight loss, except that if I ate an entire bag of goldfish I tracked it and didn’t eat more for the day or I just burned enough calories to be in my range (per the app) so I wasn’t over. I know by personal experience the first week I always lose a ton of weight so I wasn’t too surprised. Being as overweight as I am also helps.

Let me tell you, this is what I needed. I’m sore, and a tad bit hungry (still getting my stomach used to the whole eating less) but I feel so ridiculously accomplished that I want to do this again. And again. And again. I have not felt that way in about a year. Honestly, I kept telling myself that I wanted to over and over. Even announcing to the world that I wanted to, and yet I didn’t do a thing. Then, one day while thinking that I wasn’t going to fit into my bridesmaid dress for the wedding I’m in I bit the bullet and did it.

Starting over is hard. Extremely hard. Yet I’m doing it. And I couldn’t be more happier. I’m taking it one day at a time. I’m not at all perfect by any means. My only concern is to move a little, and watch my calories. At this stage, once I get better at that then I’ll progress more into balanced food plans, and working on going back to the as-natural-as-possible plan I had when I started. I’ve realized that rushing too much into something is bad, and eventually leads to failure. Easing myself into getting used to a different lifestyle proves to be better in the long run, and helps me accomplish my goals. Little baby steps are the only way to go.

Along with this saga in my life, I’m reviving this blog. It helped a lot, and I can’t let me being lazy about blogging in it let me stop myself from uploading here. I am keeping my tumblr along with this for the purposes I had intended in the begining (being able to upload on the spot with not much more than two buttons of work) but for my longer posts, this place is going to be it. I might use this also as a space to follow along in my other passions and life. I mean, the blog title has “life” in it, what better than use it for things I do in my life. Weight loss isn’t, and shouldn’t, be everything.

I think you’ll be seeing a lot more of me in the future.

Until then…