Weigh-In #15

Wow. Last week was busier than anticipated.

And when I wasn’t busy I was packing and being lazy. So lazy that I failed to update at all during the week. Fail on my part. But, I am back with good news. I weighed in this morning and I was at…306.6 which is a loss of 4.4 lbs from last week! Huzzah! I wasn’t expecting that at all. I knew I wouldn’t do horrible, but I definitely didn’t take any of the right steps to get that far down. I didn’t exercise the entirety of last week. Mainly because of the running around (or waiting in the lobby of the car place for four hours), but also because I was a tad bit burnt out on my exercise.

I had ended last post saying that I’d update about exercise. Well, I have found that a schedule really wasn’t working for me. Especially since my personal life doesn’t have any sort of a schedule. Planing for the unknown turned out worse than expected and I ended up starting the week trying to rearrange things, and then by the end of the week not even doing anything. I carried that over to this week. I’m glad I hadn’t planned any sort of exercise schedule because this past week ended up even crazier.

I also was doing too much of some things that I just wasn’t ready for. Doing things every day was fine, it was doing the more strenuous exercises (like the Shred video) that was just too fast and too soon to dive into. This week I’m not planning, except that I need to move more than last week. I think I might end up walking everyday which would get me moving, but wouldn’t burn me out.

Here’s to moving more, posting more, and even throwing in a vlog or two on my poor neglected Youtube channel!


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