Thank you, Subway

Today I went to get my normal veggie delight (footlong for $5? Cheapest meal(s) out ever!) and remembered that they had avocado now. I love avocado. I could eat it every day if it wasn’t so expensive and not long lasting. Seriously made the sandwich. Although Subway veggie sandwiches are great because of the amount of veggie choices it’s still not as filling as one of the other sandwiches. Avocados made me happy. It’ll make me happier if they keep it in the restaurants. To other news…

Sorry this post is late and the general lack of anything even remotely entertaining showing up on the blog. This past Saturday I went up to Cincinnati to Rebecca’s wedding (well, for the reception. Heather had to work so we didn’t make it until later), and now its full steam ahead for Heather’s wedding. Sunday I got up, ate and did some various errands around the apt and around town sat down at like 4 to make a long overdue video for my channel when I realized the one key thing I didn’t do when I got up.

I forgot to weigh in.

Doh! Seriously by that point it was well past my normal routine so I didn’t even try to step on the scale. I haven’t done anything remotely good on the weightloss front. I haven’t exercised, and eating has been horrible. I blame the fact that I ran out of money this past week and decided to try to do a pantry/freezer clean. The problem with that was the little amount of protein I had left. I tried as best I could to try to eat at least some, but one can only eat peanut butter too many times before going crazy. I had some minor binges and I know it was directly related to not eating correctly. And not just eating correctly to lose weight- eating correctly to fuel my body. I was extremely lazy and tired and all I wanted was carbs. I had very little to even advert to in terms of what I had at the house so it was extremely hard to not do at least a little ok. It just shows how little protein (and whole fruits/veggies) will completely hurt your body.

If you had read this post on my tumblr you might have noticed that one of the bigger reasons to lose weight right now was because of Heather’s wedding and my dress being too tight. I’ve been literally freaking out about it because it’s hard for me to even see if I can zipper it up because it’s just me, myself, and I here at the apt every time I put it on. Last night, I put it on and luckily determined that it would fit. The size of the dress is smaller than my pants size but the way it is designed is that it flares out more at the waist where most of my weight is. Honestly, if I had the size up I would run into the problem of the dress being too loose at the top. It’s a strapless dress and with that whole money thing I would have been in a bind (even though I could technically do the alterations myself and do it fine, it’s just a little too stressful than I would have wanted. So for now, the dress is a bit snug and I may not be able to lean down to put on my shoes, but it will do and I will NOT let myself think I am a failure because of it.

I won’t have really any more time this week to exercise. Tomorrow I’m taking my car to the shop AGAIN since the check engine light came on while coming back home from Cincinnati. Mind you, I took it in just last week to fix a weird noise that was happening. Depending on how long I have to sit there, I might end up walking to the mall across the street and window shopping. After that, it’s running around for the bachelorette party, the rehearsal and dinner, hair and makeup then the ceremony and reception….along with a speech I haven’t even thought about, and a reading that I haven’t even began to look at. If I know anything about my body, I know that stress always leans in my favor on the scale, but then again there will be lots of awesome food and beverages had so who knows…

And about that video I mentioned earlier. Well, lets just say my computer now can’t keep up with video and audio (graphics card fail?) and it is horribly out of sync, and a lot of the video got smooshed together to catch up with itself. It’s so sad, I absolutely loved the video! I tried to sync it up, but there are 10 second sections of nothing but a clip of me talking and a second long of alien talk. Knowing me, I won’t get around to it for a long time, because that’s how I am with those videos. Sigh.


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