Weigh-in #16

Hey hey hey.

I actually did a weigh-in today, huzzah! Last weigh-in, back on the 5th was 306.6. This week I was at…310 again of 3.4lbs.

I could be totally upset by the fact that this time last year I was in the 280s. I could also be upset that I have gained that much in the past couple of weeks, but honestly I am thrilled. With the amount of stress I was under, and the fact that yesterday Rebecca and I polished a bag of crazy bread by ourselves, along with McDonalds egg and cheese biscuit and countless amounts of sodas and powerades I am beyond thrilled. Also, I haven’t been eating the best, and that’s mainly because I don’t have money to buy more things, so it’s make do with what I have or not eat. Since not eating is not an option, I’ll take my what I have in panty carbs and deal with it until I get some more money and can shop for some fresh veggies and fruit.

Hopefully this week I’ll have the keys to my new place (crossing my fingers) and can start moving in! As for the move into Rebecca’s place, you can read my recap on my personal tumblr.


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