Weigh-In #16 (per my Youtube channel)

This week I weighed in at 324, a loss of 1.2 lbs! I’m super excited about this, because I continued my slow introduction into this weight loss change, and only made mental notes of what I ate, and nothing more.

Because of the loss, I felt the need to up my game, and I am currently logging everything I eat. I’m not counting calories, but I am writing down everything. I feel that doing this, and getting into a routine of chronicling my eating, it will not only help me focus more on the types of food I eat, but help with portions and mindless eating. I think it will also help when I gradually introduce calorie counting back – the bane of my existence! I hope that getting used to writing down everything I eat will help ease my frustrations with calorie counting, because it has been proven to work for me


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