I’ve spent the day being relatively productive. I guess that’s what happens when you have a cat that thinks it’s a crime to sleep in past 7 am on the weekend. Sure, I haven’t done any of my laundry, or put away the dishes in my dishwasher (which may or may not have been in there for about a week…) but I’ve been doing some things and sorting out all the things slushing around in my head.

Obviously I haven’t been making videos, even more obviously since you are reading what I’m writing currently I haven’t blogged in a while. Sorry about that. I know I always make excuses, and then say I’m just making excuses in this fun little cycle but the fact of the matter is I haven’t felt the want…or really need to write down anything or record a video. Sure, I still have to update about my weigh-in from last Sunday, but I’ve been kind of blah on my creativity.

I changed that today and finally sat down and wrote a list of some of the videos I want to do, and blogs that I write. I always have ideas, and then never write them down and forget about them when it comes time to having an idea that I give up and not post. If I don’t have anything that I’m passionate about, or think is fun to talk about I just don’t care to do anything. I guess that’s part of the reason why I’m never consistent in keeping up things. I love the idea of having a blog and a video series, but I can never remember the things to make them fun and exciting for me.

I have probably mentioned it one thousand times, but I love, love, LOVE lists. Whether I follow them or not I make them. And that is what I have done. I have a ton of ideas of things to write and talk about, and now that I have this list I think actually doing them in a somewhat scheduled manner will actually be accomplished this go around. I also can do some of these things in advance, so the times that I am busy and legitimately have an excuse for not posting, I can have a backlog and not worry.

We’ll see, but for right now I’m excited that I have things to talk about.

If anyone who reads this blog wants to know more about something, or have any ideas of what you would like to see/read from me about let me know!


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