It seems that past couple of days, or even weeks the word vegan has been creeping up. Part of the reason, I realize, is that I am vegetarian (well, almost there. Got to kick the fish) and it’s the next logical step but it has been coming up a lot more often than when I first went pescatarian.

Today, while at work doing some notes before tech went up for Tom Sawyer me and a co-worker were talking about how his wife was going vegan for a week. Her reason is that she is a writer, and it is an experiment for an article she is writing. We continued the talk in the van ride back to the shop and we were going through the different and many ways of going vegan. Vegan only in diet, vegan in diet and lifestyle. Eco-vegan. Vegan because of intolerance or health reasons. Vegan because you love animals. Vegan because you don’t like to think of eating the flesh of another. Vegan because of a traumatic experience.

As I thought about it in the context of the conversation, I got to think about my viewpoint of veganism. I haven’t really given it much thought than reading a couple of vegan blogs, or trying the random vegan dessert. I slowly began to realize that one day I would like to at least prime myself to take the steps to become vegan. I’m not even close to it right now in my life, obviously because of my absolute love of cheese and the need to have at least something on the menu other than a salad for me to not go crazy while dining out (which is why I still eat fish), but I am closer than most. I am actually fond of most vegan things. I’ve never liked the taste of milk, so I already really only have nut/rice milks in my foods. I’ve made many a recipe without eggs because of the lack of some on hand, and the readily available mason jar full of ground flax seed. Eggs generally creep me out if I think about it too long. I love breakfast, and will lean towards that if given the choice but sometimes here at the house I can’t make myself to get over making them myself.

I do have my reservations that tend to stop me when I think I could be vegan. I really hate the fact that I’d have to analyze every box, or every menu to make sure I don’t mistakenly eat something. I really don’t like people who try to push their viewpoint on others. It’s one of the things I detested when I was Christian. I never, ever once felt that someone was less of a person, or not a good person because they didn’t share my viewpoint. Trying to push someone to do what you do is not only mean, but forcing them to not even want to give it any sort of attention. Now, I’m not saying everyone does this but I have met more than my share of people who do fall into this category.

Diet changes are hard, no matter what they are and nothing good really comes of rushing through it. That being said, I have decided to consciously incorporate more vegan food into my diet than I have been. I really believe that it does help in weight loss and in the impact my diet has on the environment, and the animals who are mistreated to allow me to eat whatever. Will I be perfect? Not even in the slightest. Is there a possibility of never actually becoming vegan? Of course, but I’d rather say I tried it the right way (slow and steady) and it just didn’t work out for me than to just give up because it becomes overwhelming and then feel bad for myself and think that everyone perceives me as a failure.

Doing things for the right reasons for yourself and not someone else’s is the only way to suceed.


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