Trader Joe’s! Trader Joe’s!



So normally I would do a video on this, but seeing as I haven’t posted in a while and I do not have the want to fuss with any sort of editing or trying to get my computer to decide it likes me enough to record, I figured that writing a post on it would be the best thing.

Today was the grand opening of Trader Joe’s here in Louisville. As someone who was part of the hundreds who contacted Trader Joe’s store suggestions page, and made many a voyage to Trader Joe’s not within my immediate vicinity this is a dream come true. I knew it would be crowded, and chances are not much left on the shelves but when I got there I found myself pleasently surprise that A) I found a parking spot and B) food was still on the shelves. As an added bonus, there were even shopping baskets!

I had a half day at work today to make up for the fact we’d be going in tomorrow night to strike Tom Sawyer. I know that this played a pivital role in the reason I was able to find that parking spot and food, but luck was on my side today and I wasn’t angry about that. I didn’t want to buy a lot, honestly I just wanted a few things and just to check it out. Get the lay of the land, and see how big it was. It was crowded, no doubt about that, but I was able to make it through and get some things that I wanted.

I decided early on that I wanted at the very least a package of beefless strips. From there I decided that I should actually find some whole meals so I can get some things, not spend all my money on trail mixes (which I got none of, thank you very much). I ended up getting supplies for fajitas/quesadillas. I’ve been in a hotdog mood, and with TJ brand vegetarian packaged foods being a good dollar less than name brand, I figured I would try it out. Especially since I could buy frozen things without fearing that I didn’t pack a cooler enough with ice and the two hour car trip would make it defrost.

I got:

  • 3 Cheese Blend
  • Beefless Strips (obviously AFTER I opened them)
  • Chickenless Strips
  • Chile and Garlic Tortillas
  • Sour Cream
  • Veggie Corn Dogs
  • Guacamole Hummus (Not pictured)
  • Dried Mango Slices (Not pictured)
  • Fire Roasted Pepper Mix (Not pictured)

Am I going to shop at TJ a lot now? No. Trader Joe’s is, and has always been, a treat store. I don’t go there for real whole foods, I go their for packaged items. That being said, the occasional “I’m out of a frozen veggie product run” will always show up, along with the fact that their dried fruit and nuts section by far surpasses anyone in town, means that I will go every now and then. Especially now that it’s just opened up.

I also bought some tofu, which I plan on making a video about. When I first tried to prepare tofu packed in water, I didn’t know what I was doing. I ended with a soggy mess. I figured someone out there will benefit from a video tutorial on how to press and prepare tofu for the first time. Also, I wanted to try it out!

Any TJ suggestions now that I can get them? I’m open to try anything, especially if it’s frozen!


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