fibit challenge updates, life stress, and filofaxes.

I feel like I haven’t posted in a very long time. It’s been quite a rough week. It started with getting my car finally fixed (thankfully not a terrible problem, and took no time to get it back) and between that, overtime and some personal issues I am quickly slipping. I’ve had some bad days in eating, and I really have been struggling to get out of that. I have been making better choices but still, eating a bag of chips is bad whether it’s regular Lays or Baked Kettle Chips. The calories may be considerably different, but it’s still not healthy. I see that slight hint at not going fully under very helpful that I am at least doing more than I would have in the past. This next week I’m going to be really working on it. I have to work a full day tomorrow, and then overtime the rest of the week so it’s going to be rough.

I have kept up with my self-imposed FitBit challenge. I only have missed one day, and that was because my ride came sooner than expected and I had to rush out the door. I had even remembered it and moved it to where I was dressing. Sadly it stayed behind and I realized a mile from my place. This is what the challenge is for though, to get into the habit of wearing it. I move more with it on, and I really like seeing the differences in days. I’m thinking of taking the challenge a step up, but I don’t know if I’m willing to do it. I’m thinking of doing a full week of the minimum 10,000 steps. I don’t know how doable this is because of working so much, but maybe? We’ll see

I was a little bad today and hit up Target/Michaels/Staples….

Filofax Haul

My Filofax is already looking more and more cute, and more and more useful. I’m still working out the kinks, and what works but it really has been coming along and I love it. I spent the day organizing it some more and I have been finding it relaxing, especially after the week I’ve had. I don’t know if I’ll be using those pieces of grey cardstock for anything yet or just keep it in my crafting stash but they were on clearance and I figured spending the whole dollar wasn’t terrible.

photo 2

I still have a while to go, but I will show my organization on the blog. I thought about doing a video, but I have decided to only doing a video on my health/weightloss areas of the FiloFax. It just suits the vlog more. But here…here we can do whatever we want! So look out for that in the next couple of weeks.

Tomorrow is weigh-in. Eek!



I just had to share…FitBit Strike

This is the screenshot of my FitBit for today. I had it on only from 8:50 to 10 pm while we were doing strike. So, in that hour I took nearly 1500 steps. It wasn’t a big strike by any means, and for most of it I was waiting for sound to clear the drum set. I swear, I use the FitBit more for experiments than anything else. It’s really awesome. I can’t wait to see what the results of our huge Humana strike will be (last year I stopped counting at 14 van fulls of props).

By the way, this also starts my self imposed challenge: a week wearing the FitBit.

weigh-in #30, car issues, and life issues

I weighed in today on both the old an new scale. There was about a 2 pound difference between the two, the old one weighing me at 329.4 and the new one at 327. The new scale did give me a couple of different read outs, and I was a bit worried but it seems ok. I think I’m extra paranoid now about things. I could have just kept with my old scale, but I couldn’t justify something that had to sit there for a week to calibrate. Now I’ll just use it as a backup should anything happen. I do love the new look of the new scale. It’s really¬† nice looking, and the blue-lit read out is so much easier to read. It also keeps the weight a while after I step off, which my old one never did.

No matter the number, it still a gain of 1.2. I am fine with this, I was horrible in calories for most of the week last week and I understand why I gained. I’m glad it was only that much, if I hadn’t tried desperately hard to fix it towards the end of the week it probably would have been more. I am surprised that I have kept tracking. Before in states like this, I would stop tracking. To “hide” the amount I had gone over, this is not one of those times and I am happy for this small improvement. It still doesn’t make it right, but I feel like I’m getting better.

That being said, today my awesome friend Braden came to help fix the car. We assumed it was just a dead battery and took it to AutoZone who tested it and confirmed it was dead. I got the new came back and installed it…and it still didn’t work. We tried other things, including jumping it and letting it run for a while but as soon as I put my foot on the brake it died. Needless to say, today is not ending on a good note. I fear having to tow it and get a huge bill that I can’t afford but it HAS to be fixed. It’s insanely essential for my job and it needs to get done.

I get paranoid about things that I haven’t had to do, and I’ve never once had to figure out what to do in this kind of situation. Do I call a tow place and get it sent to the Mazda dealership? Does Mazda have their own service? Do I pay for the tow seperatly? Do I have to be there when the tow comes of the shop? I don’t like not knowing, and I don’t like the fact that I might sound completely stupid about not knowing and that just stresses me out even more. My anxiety wants nothing more to not think of it and be done.

lent: 2013

I usually end up giving something up for Lent, and this year I’m kind of cheating. I have decided to give up soda. The reason I say “cheating”, is because I already kind of gave it up. I’m one of those people who would rather use calories to eat, rather than to drink so soda has naturally already kind of been eliminated in favor of zero calorie things like water and sparkling water. I don’t go out to eat much, and if I do it’s usually with a beer, but I want to work on this to help with any future temptation. I don’t like diet soda, except for diet Dr Pepper, and guess who’s work has that in the machine. I’ve already been tempted a couple of times because it’s there and there isn’t any calories. It’s a horrible habit, it’s nothing but chemicals and I really don’t want or need to be drinking it. Lent, even though I am not religious whatsoever, magically helps me sometimes so it’s worth a shot.

This week’s calories have been all sorts of crazy, and it’s only Wednesday. I fear the worst on Sunday, we’ll see. I’m really worried that I’m slipping up too much. I’ve done that before, and that’s when I gave up because I started giving up on myself. I’ve been super in check all day today, and have tried to do some recon on things and hopefully by the end of the week things will even out. I think partially is the fact that I went down 100 calories on MyFitnessPal. This shouldn’t be an issue for me, 1790 is what I’m averaging. But once it was a mandatory thing, I think my brain just freaked. I’m happy that I’m catching myself, but I’m still fearful of what tomorrow holds. I desperately don’t want to slip up too far. It’s scares me to think that I could.

The Filofax is still gorgeous, I’m still fixing it up though. I had trivia last night (Abita Mardi Gras Bock: AMAZING), so I haven’t had much time to do the stuff I want. Hopefully this weekend I can get it to were I want.


It is absolutely gorgeous outside, the birds are singing and there is actually enough light out to enjoy my outside patio for a little bit. Today is the official start of Humana. Well, official in terms that we are finally on overtime schedules Great for paychecks, lousy for life not dead tired. Rehearsals have been going on for a week, but today is the first day of hectic.

My scale should be here tomorrow. Good old Amazon and the fact that I live 20 miles away from a plant means the quoted time of next Friday turned into shipped today, on my doorstep tomorrow. I might play around with it, but probably won’t do a true weigh-in until Sunday. Then, we can compare.

So, I did something I probably shouldn’t have a couple of weeks ago. Well, I shouldn’t have spent the money, but in terms of bettering things for myself, I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful tool.

I bought a Filofax.

I got sucked in. I was watching an old Organized Like Jen video on her Filofax and I got the urge to look. I had done this before, but everything is so expensive and there is hardly any non-leather choices. To be fair, Filofax has a search dedicated to non-leather, so that in of itself is great, but the choices were slim. I just don’t like the idea of killing a cow for an organizer, you know? Eating them seems a bit better than for something like that.

Well, this time there was a sale. A 60% off sale. And I found one planner that was not only non-leather, but also in the A5 size (I can’t deal with small planners, I have big handwriting and need the space), and $22. Who could pass that up? I swiftly purchased it and a Month-On-Two-Pages insert and waited till the inventory was done so that it could be sent.

It’s here, and its glorious.


See? I’ll show more pics when I actually organize it, and probably show how I use it. I have some really great weight/health related things I want to do with. I might even do a vlog on it, we’ll see. But for now I’m super excited and love the thing to death.

(This all was done on my iPad, please excuse the typos)

January Weight Loss

I tallied up the finals on the weigh-ins between 1-7-13 and 2-4-13 (the Monday after the big scale debacle and what I counted for this week’s weigh-in) and per my current scale I have lost…

::drum roll please::

13.4 lbs!

Holy crap guys. That’s HUGE. I know that it’s going to gradually get slower and harder to lose weight now, and most of that scale movement is because of the drastic reduction of calories vs the amounts I was doing before, coupled with the fact that I am extremely overweight making it easier to see those higher numbers of weightloss. But. Guys. I’m stunned.

It’s been such an amazing month so far. I really love how things are finally shaping up. I’m happier, healthier, and just all-in-all excited about what’s to come.

And this week? I lost 3.6 lbs. Lets see what the new scale holds for next week, but already I can feel the difference, and that’s really all that matters.

Scales and Such…

I ended up spending the money on a new scale. It won’t be in for a while, because I just chose free shipping on Amazon, but considering the nearest plant is all of 20 miles away, it might come in sooner. At the very least it will be towards the end of the week so it won’t be appearing in this weeks weigh-in. I did cheat and weigh-in on my old scale on Monday and it was was weighing me around 301 so there is a small glimmer of hope that it will be ok for the weigh-in. If not, I’ll do it just to keep up with my routine and just to have something to track. When I get my new scale in I might do an open-box video/comparing the two in terms of weight, settings, etc (if there are anymore).

At any rate, I think it was time for a new scale. I’ve had that last one for a while, and it has gone through some moves where I wasn’t exactly kind to it. It’ll nice to have a new scale, with updated technology. It’ll also help know what I am exactly, and that it won’t freak out moving from one room to the other. I wish it was coming sooner now. I don’t want to have to wait. I’m a little excited for it to show up.

In other news, an exciting “non-scale” victory happened this week. Monday morning I grabbed my jeans and put them on and headed out the door like normal. During the day I noticed the fly kept going down. I have another pair that was doing that, so I was really bummed that this pair was also doing that as well. I figured it was something happening in the wash and I was thinking about how I was having to spend money on new pants. The problem was, that the other pants I not only stopped wearing because of that issue, I also stopped wearing because they were too tight on me. I had to lay on the bed to get them buttoned.

It wasn’t until the end of the day till I realized that the jeans that I had on were my tight pair and my normal pair was sitting in my living room, folded from laundry the day before. No matter what the scale said last week, this was enough to know that I was getting somewhere in my weight loss and that is exciting.