Scale Problems

I’m a little worried about weigh-in tomorrow. Not because I think I gained (seriously, there is no way that I gained, I’ve been great with calories) but because of scale issues.

Today, I decided to move my scale from my bathroom, where it was residing, to the kitchen. It was just going to be easier, and allowed more space in my bathroom. So, when I put my scale in the kitchen I wanted to try to calibrate it so I stepped on it and it said my weight was 336.8, which is what my weight was two weeks ago. I found this extremely odd, since I’ve been really good about calories. The scale was essentially telling me that eating less than 1900 calories a day will maintain a 336 lb body. Not at all in the possibility, but I did need to get off and back on to calibrate. I got back on and it started freaking out and just randomly going up and down from 240 to 330, never stopping on a number. I got off, figured I just needed to leave it be until later.

Then after a while of asking myself if I need a new scale, I remembered an event that happened last week: As I was pushing my scale back to an out of the way spot I got on and it said the exact same thing: 336.8, even though not 20 minutes before it had read 335.8. I shrugged it off as a flux, or more clothing that I had added, and moved on.

Then, I really thought about it. There was no way I could have only lost 1 lb last week. I was kind of upset when I had seen that weigh-in, and thought it was some of the bad choices I made during the week, but in all honesty even with those bad choices I was still under in calories (which is already like 500 calories under maintain). I didn’t go over massive amounts, or ate normal even though I had an ice cream sandwich or cake, I allotted those calories, and took them from other meals and making those meals less calorie dense. So I started freaking out about my scale being ruined and having no money to buy a new one (not the end of the world, but it is extremely helpful in keeping weightloss in check and so essential for this process) and then I remembered the Wii Fit. It was always off about a pound, but it would do in a pinch.

So I hooked it up, got it working and stepped on the board. It read me as 302 lbs.

What. The. Hell.

Frustrated, and knowing there is no way that can be right (I don’t fit nicely into clothing that I wore at that size) I went back onto my scale and it read as 321 lbs. It didn’t do the freak out, it held on to that poundage. I have no clue what’s going on, who is wrong or what, but hopefully tomorrow it’ll be a little clearer when I step on the scale in the morning. Hopefully it’ll at least be somewhat ok. But for now, I’m on the hunt for a new scale. I won’t be able to purchase it for a couple of weeks, but here’s hoping things turn out.

Oh, technology.


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