I’ve been working on updating some of the pages, and adding new ones. You’ll see I posted 2012 weigh-ins, which are far and few between, and now a new 2013 weigh-ins page. I also update the seriously outdated “About Me” page. With the amount of editing I did and flipping back to what my page looked, I realized how much I love my background.

Speaking of weigh-ins… this is still a disaster. I weighed in this morning at 326 lbs and it stayed that way until I stepped on a little later and it was up to 335. Then I ate and it still was that. I’m just going  to call it 326 since this was technically the first weigh-in of the morning, and I feel a little bit closer than 335. If I estimate based on MyFitnessPal the past two weeks I should have at least lost 4 pounds. Which would make my weight closer to 330.

I’m in the process of looking at this scale: It’s still more than I have and am willing to spend on any one thing right now, but maybe this is a sign. I have kind of been looking for a new scale for a while anyways, I’ve had my last one for about 4 years and it’s been through more than one move (where I didn’t treat it too kindly) and this one is getting a lot of good reviews on a bunch of different websites.

Hopefully next week things will be straightened out and maybe I’ll have a brand new scale.


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