Scales and Such…

I ended up spending the money on a new scale. It won’t be in for a while, because I just chose free shipping on Amazon, but considering the nearest plant is all of 20 miles away, it might come in sooner. At the very least it will be towards the end of the week so it won’t be appearing in this weeks weigh-in. I did cheat and weigh-in on my old scale on Monday and it was was weighing me around 301 so there is a small glimmer of hope that it will be ok for the weigh-in. If not, I’ll do it just to keep up with my routine and just to have something to track. When I get my new scale in I might do an open-box video/comparing the two in terms of weight, settings, etc (if there are anymore).

At any rate, I think it was time for a new scale. I’ve had that last one for a while, and it has gone through some moves where I wasn’t exactly kind to it. It’ll nice to have a new scale, with updated technology. It’ll also help know what I am exactly, and that it won’t freak out moving from one room to the other. I wish it was coming sooner now. I don’t want to have to wait. I’m a little excited for it to show up.

In other news, an exciting “non-scale” victory happened this week. Monday morning I grabbed my jeans and put them on and headed out the door like normal. During the day I noticed the fly kept going down. I have another pair that was doing that, so I was really bummed that this pair was also doing that as well. I figured it was something happening in the wash and I was thinking about how I was having to spend money on new pants. The problem was, that the other pants I not only stopped wearing because of that issue, I also stopped wearing because they were too tight on me. I had to lay on the bed to get them buttoned.

It wasn’t until the end of the day till I realized that the jeans that I had on were my tight pair and my normal pair was sitting in my living room, folded from laundry the day before. No matter what the scale said last week, this was enough to know that I was getting somewhere in my weight loss and that is exciting.


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