It is absolutely gorgeous outside, the birds are singing and there is actually enough light out to enjoy my outside patio for a little bit. Today is the official start of Humana. Well, official in terms that we are finally on overtime schedules Great for paychecks, lousy for life not dead tired. Rehearsals have been going on for a week, but today is the first day of hectic.

My scale should be here tomorrow. Good old Amazon and the fact that I live 20 miles away from a plant means the quoted time of next Friday turned into shipped today, on my doorstep tomorrow. I might play around with it, but probably won’t do a true weigh-in until Sunday. Then, we can compare.

So, I did something I probably shouldn’t have a couple of weeks ago. Well, I shouldn’t have spent the money, but in terms of bettering things for myself, I’m sure it’ll be a wonderful tool.

I bought a Filofax.

I got sucked in. I was watching an old Organized Like Jen video on her Filofax and I got the urge to look. I had done this before, but everything is so expensive and there is hardly any non-leather choices. To be fair, Filofax has a search dedicated to non-leather, so that in of itself is great, but the choices were slim. I just don’t like the idea of killing a cow for an organizer, you know? Eating them seems a bit better than for something like that.

Well, this time there was a sale. A 60% off sale. And I found one planner that was not only non-leather, but also in the A5 size (I can’t deal with small planners, I have big handwriting and need the space), and $22. Who could pass that up? I swiftly purchased it and a Month-On-Two-Pages insert and waited till the inventory was done so that it could be sent.

It’s here, and its glorious.


See? I’ll show more pics when I actually organize it, and probably show how I use it. I have some really great weight/health related things I want to do with. I might even do a vlog on it, we’ll see. But for now I’m super excited and love the thing to death.

(This all was done on my iPad, please excuse the typos)


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