carbs. carbs. bleh.

Carbs, carbs, carbs.

I absolutely 100% adore the Vegan Zombie boys, but they need to stop making such amazing food that is not only GOOD but easy to make. Especially the mac and cheese. Admittedly not exactly like the real thing, but still amazing. I tried making it yesterday with less calories and the whole nine yards (which I did drastically accomplish) but I still ended up eating the entire thing in the past two days. Mostly last night. I had like 1200 calories of the stuff in one sitting. I know, I know. Horrible. No good. Very bad. I now know that it is a huge trigger food and I need to be mindful of that. Or only make it when I can get others to eat the rest of it. But it’s so good.

My saving grace is that even with that excessiveness I still had calories left for the day yesterday because of the big Humana strike. But. Still. Not good. I feel all of my foods have been very off this week. I know I’m not making the right choices to keep me fueled, especially since my “exercise” was bumped up drastically. On Monday I had 8,000 steps by noon. And that was 8,000 steps of lifting and carrying heavy objects and furniture and then unloading them. The weather has also shifted back from freezing to 80’s so I have been dehydrated as well.

I’m really pushing hard to correct my eating back to whole foods, good sources of protein and WATER. Lots of water. Weightloss can’t be about just maintaining losing weight calories, it’s got to be about the quality of foods as well. I always feel better when I eat healthier foods. Remember this, Jessie.