walks in the park. parties. gorgeous weather.

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I absolutely adore the weather outside right now. It’s been in the 50s/60s and I can’t get enough of being outside. It’s the perfect temp for watching the world go by on my porch and writing a blog post 🙂

It’s also great for walks. I went to Cherokee Park today. It’s such a gorgeous park, and is super close, but I tend not to go because it isn’t close enough for me to walk there and walk the park. I also don’t like driving to walk, mostly because I feel it’s a waste of gas and not good for the environment so I tend to just start my walks from my place. Don’t get me wrong, my walks are definitely pretty, but nothing compares to the park. I’m glad I went today. It was gorgeous and was a great walk to take. I might have to do it more often. One day, I hope to be able to walk there and do a route. But for now, making it a goal to at least go there once a week won’t hurt.

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During my walk I maintained a 19:33 pace. My last walk, only a week prior and one mile less was at 20:29. That’s a whole minute that I cut in one week. I’m amazed at my progress so far. I love the energy I have. When I started I didn’t think I could go a mile. Now I average 2.5-3 miles/40-hour min on normal walks. And it’s nothing. I stopped today when I did because it was a complete loop. The last bit had a little more elevation and I definitely felt it. I think tomorrow will be another trip. Especially if I can get there early. I would love to see the park early in the morning before most of the world is awake.

Weigh-in is tomorrow. I don’t know how it will be. The last post I talked about carbs, and Friday night didn’t help. It was the shop party and I drank 1200 calories in alcohol alone. I was surprised I didn’t do more. There were two kegs, and again I work in a shop, in Kentucky, so much bourbon was had. I’m not going to fret too much because I had a good time. I hung out and talked with people I hardly ever do, didn’t worry so much about things (but to the point I did try to limit the amount of tortilla chips I had). It was a great night and honestly I hardly ever drink. Once every couple of months is more than acceptable. Especially since I’ve been so good on plan so far, and had such an amazing night with some great people. I can’t believe next week is the last week of my contract season.

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