week of food: day 1

What better way to start off this project with a complete fail. I couldn’t find my camera until the very end of the night, so Monday’s foods are all from my cell phone. The point of this project is to show my food: it doesn’t have to be pretty, in the best light, or perfect. It just has to show the food so that I can visually see what I am eating, and assess what I need to change in terms of eating healthier. I think of it as more of a wakeup call to see the food visually, much like it was when I first just started recording it and counting calories.

I started off the day (if you reallly want to call it that-it was technically afternoon, thanks insomnia!) with quite possibly my favorite thing in the world right now: a slice of Whole Foods Early Bird Multi Seed Bread, 1/4 of an avocado mashed on top, with pepper and dulse (with garlic). I cut up a small tomato to go with it.

photo 1

Doesn’t the color of the tomato look unnatural? Thanks, iPhone!

I also had some of this Reed’s kombucha. I hadn’t tried this brand before. Still has the same vinegar taste, but I think it has a stronger taste of the flavor than most others I have tried. It was good! I usually end up drinking one of these over the course of a couple of days because of how expensive they are.

photo 2

Next “meal” of the day was some kale chips. This is currently my favorite brand because they are cheaper than most, and I really like the ranch flavor. I had almost a serving but they were a little stale so I didn’t finish it up:

photo 3

I was on an eating weird things at weird time trend and so I made my go to snack: 1 head of romaine, 1/4 avocado, 1/4 English cucumber, 1 tbsp Annie’s goddess dressing:

photo 4 copy

There was no way to make this look appetizing, but it was really good. Trust me

I also had another slice of the bread, with a tbsp of peanut butter on it with a really bad no good Diet Dr Cherry Pepper:

photo 5

Then, for dinner I ended up being lazy and made some baked potatoes with Tofutti sour cream, Earth Balance, Daiya pepperjack, and some chives. Not healthy, but delicious (they were smaller, that is a dessert plate):


The last thing I had for the night I didn’t get a picture of. I’ve been making a strawberry shortcake off of a recipe on the back of a Bisquick box (I cut the recipe in half to make 2 biscuits). While I do make it pretty low in calorie (using almond milk and truvia, it comes to a little over 300 calories) it’s still not the best and it’s definitely been a food I shouldn’t keep around the house, as it’s been my go to snack/dessert for a couple of days, which tends to be a red flag. Not a good day by any means, in terms of healthy options that are diverse, but I was fairly good on calories. I was at 1776 calories, which is 156 calories over my day. Not too concerned since I counted full calories for the serving of kale chips (which I didn’t have) and the Reeds Kombucha (I probably had 1/5 of the bottle) so I had a little wiggle room. I am still well below maintain weight calories.


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