week of food: tuesday

I’ve been consistently waking up later than I tend to, but not as late as expected when you account for the time I head to bed. At any rate, I absolutely hate it and have been trying desperatly to get back into a better sleep schedule. I’m more productive if I wake up early, I love being able to do stuff outside earlier, and I directly link the lack of exercise this week solely on that.

I started off the day with a cup of coffee: pumpkin spice keurig with a packet of Truvia and 3 tbsps of silk vanilla creamer and water. I also had a serving of mixed nuts that I made a HUGE batch for a couple of weeks ago. It’s probably the best thing in all the land. I portion it out ahead of time, because it’s one of those foods that if I’m not careful I can eat and eat and eat, but good to keep around because I never want to binge on it when portioning it out. Look for a “recipe” for it on the blog soon, because I want to remember it always.


I wasn’t hungry for a while so mid-afternoon snack/late lunch was a go-to lunch of mine. Tasty, and fast: spinach hummus, baby carrots, english cucumber, and leek crackers.


Dinner was a mishmash meal. I made 4 oz of pasta and added spinach, mushrooms, an apple sage Field Roast sausage, and some Tofutti sour cream to it. It was good, largely in part to the sausage, but it could have used more seasoning (especially when I was cooking the spinach). I used thyme, rosemary, onion powder, and garlic powder. Not my best dish, but certainly not the worst. It also had 47 grams of protein in the entire dish! I had two bowls of this.


Last meal of the day was 2 squares of Theo dark chocolate (I keep it in the freezer) and my new current favorite Yogi tea: Tahitian vanilla hazelnut (with a splash of almond milk and 3 tsps of sugar):


Although dinner ratios per every other meal was high (which tends to be the case for me, I know you are supposed to eat less at night but I’m hungrier at night than during the day) it was a pretty solid calorie day. Could’ve had more, but I didn’t work out (sans moving some furniture around) so I wasn’t too terribly worried being under for the day.  Total: 1511 calories, 109 calories below losing weight calories


4 thoughts on “week of food: tuesday

  1. Hi…it is nice to see what others eat and their portions~ Yes, evening is always harder to eat less than during the day. I’m never hungry for breakfast. I hear that might be because I eat more at dinner. Oh well..I think it is because my system takes a while to wake up since I’m not a morning person~ ♥

    • I never thought about the fact that larger dinner=smaller breakfast. It sounds totally possible. I’m a horrible morning person. I long to be a morning person almost more than anything else in the world, yet sadly I just can’t make it stick!

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