week of food: thursday

As I said in yesterday’s post, I didn’t get up until extremely late so the first meal of the day was sort of repeat of yesterday. I had coffee the same way, and some oatmeal. This time, it was plain oatmeal with a tbsp of craisins, and a tbsp of the pomegranate/almond mix.


It kept me full for a really long time, and then I had to go to Target and Trader Joe’s so I ate a peanut butter Clif bar before I left to tide me over so I wouldn’t be too hungry while out and get something I’ll regret monetarily and calorically, like Starbucks.


Dinner was quesadillas. I had 3 in total (one after the picture). The filling had black beans mixed with Tofutti sour cream and a pepper blend, some pepperjack Daiya, and avocado on top. I used these spinach tortillas that I found at Trader Joe’s, which were only 100 calories a piece. They were pretty good.

This is a really bad picture

This is a really bad picture

I didn’t picture it, but before bed I had a gala apple.

Dinner was pretty heavy calorie wise (considering the other two meals barely broke 250) but most of that was because I used almost a full avocado. I love avocados. A lot. 🙂 I still don’t like not having my meals calories being so better spread out and even, but not getting up at a decent time is not helping. I keep tabs on it, just because when I start not seeing any change in the scale I know that is the first thing I should look to change. I also don’t really know if  it’s necessarily bad, or if it just seems bad because it’s not like normal people’s diets. Calories were at 1509, 111 below losing weight.


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