week of food: friday

Happy rainy Derby day! I don’t really celebrate during Derby, but the town sure does. When I was little (in Florida) we used to have Derby parties every year. Grannie would send us plates/napkins/cups for the party, and I remember always having the best time. Now, even living all of a mile away from Churchill Downs, I don’t really do anything. I think if I were to do something, nothing will compare to those parties when I was little. I also rarely have money around this time since I’ve always just gone off contract. Not that I could afford a ticket to watch from a box/seat, but even the infield with all it’s muddy-drunken-college-party-ness is still pretty steep. I’m also conflicted about it morally. But enough about Derby, on with the post!

The day started out early than most, but later still then I wanted to. I have been loving this popcorn that I have been making lately so I had that. I just airpopped 2 tbsps of kernals and added nutritional yeast, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I sometimes switch it up and add more seasonings, but this is the standard. The nutritional yeast gives it a yummy cheesy taste (while adding some B12 and protein). I used cooking spray to lightly coat the popcorn to get the seasonings to stick. Depending on the oil (I never count things like cooking sprays, no matter how much I use. It hasn’t hurt my progress yet), it’s about 100 calories and super filling.


I got hungry a little bit later but wasn’t in the mood to make anything, so I had a repeat of the other day with a hummus tray. I used new crackers that I bought at Trader Joe’s, but even the spinach hummus didn’t help their taste so I only ended eating about half of what is shown.


I also had a banana (I like mine green)


And then I tried the kiwi lime flavor of Mama Chia, which I loved, while watching a marathon of Bones.


For dinner I had rice, beans and vegetables. Before I was vegan, I was really into mixing rice and beans with alfredo sauce. I kind of did a variation of that in this meal instead using the Tofutti sour cream. The veggies were two things that were starting to go bad, spinach and mushrooms, and I added a small onion to the mix. The rice is a quinoa blend. I had two spinach wraps with it. It was fantastic, and I really didn’t need the wraps. Calorie wise, I wish I hadn’t had it because it would have made the entire meal under 500 calories. I’m working on my quantities, but sometimes I’m still off. I think that’s why I’m doing well in calorie counting, though. I haven’t had the shock of drastically limiting my quantities and then crashing and gaining all the weight back. With counting, I just splurge on some things, and cut back on the others and then gradually reduce. It also lets me realize that being at my weight I have to eat more calories than someone else losing weight who is smaller, and that is ok.


I also had some tea (like normal) and some oatmeal. I was really munchie towards the end of the night. Instead of taking a picture of the bowl I took a picture of the packages.


I didn’t picture it, but I had a glass of dark chocolate almond milk.

I also didn’t picture it, and in being entirely honest with myself, last night was bad. I had insomnia again (the worst it’s been all this week) and I ended up splurging later in the night and having a peanut butter sandwich. It could have been worse, and had something not as nutritional, but the bread I have is pretty high in calorie so it ended up being a 400 calorie “midnight” (aka 5am) snack. I know that if I had been asleep it wouldn’t have happened, but there you go. So, instead of being of being just 4 calories over my losing weight goal, I was over 400. Totals: 2,029 calories.

I did find that I have Wii Fit Plus, I had thought I only owned the older version (I “inherited” the system from my parents who never used it) so that was one positive of last nights insomnia.


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