week of food: saturday

I spent most of the day watching a Bones marathon. I had recorded most of the season on my DVR and have yet to watch any of it, it was nice to not be running around doing other errands during the rainy day.

I started the day off with a normal cup of coffee, and a banana


I then used up the last of an avocado and put it on bread with dulse, along with Polar seltzer water. I really like the flavors on this seltzer water, but I can only find it at Earth Fare which is bit of a trek for me


I made a version of this recipe from EcoVeganGal for a kale butternut squash pasta. I’ve had it before, but did some things differently, and it was just as awesome. If you like butternut squash, you’ll love this. I’m probably going to put my version of the recipe up so you can see what I did differently. Both ways are fantastic. I had two servings


Later in the night (guess who went to bed at 7 am) I had what I’m calling as dinner. It was simple, 2 tortillas filled with a mixture of left over black beans, 1/2 an ounce of daiya, and about a tbsp of sour cream. One tortilla I put a romaine leaf on it.


I also worked out today! I did 40 minutes of the Wii Fit Plus that I found. I love that version so much more! I had been using the older version and I KNEW I was missing some of my favorite routines and I couldn’t for the life of me remember why. As soon as I turned this version on I realized why, they are all on that one! Wii Fit is a little annoying because you really have to plan out things. If you are in a time crunch, it’s not the best. When I say I did 40 minutes, that was 40 minutes of workout times. The switching through menus, listening to explanations, or just waiting for games to start take a chunk, and I was at if for at least an hour. Still, it’s better than nothing and for the days that I don’t wake up early enough to do outside things, this is a plus. I don’t have a gym membership (I think I will when I return) so this will have to do. Totals for the day: 1696 calories (-226 exercise calories) 150 under losing weight calories (1846= 1620+226).


2 thoughts on “week of food: saturday

    • Not too much, I am no cook when it comes to creating things (just good at following recipes and stemming off of others) but I ended up instead of just roasting the butternut squash and mixing it in as is, I pureed it with more milk and nutritional yeast. It was almost closer to a mac and cheese sauce! Thanks for making the recipe 🙂

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