week of food: last day

Sorry this post is so late! I was almost perfect on my mission to capture my week of food…and then I screwed it up at the very last day. My camera battery was drained so I had to charge it, and then forgot about until today- Tuesday. Such is life. One thing is sure, I could never be like some of those other bloggers who photograph every single meal.

I started off the day with a banana and normal coffee


Then for “lunch” I had two servings of the kale butternut pasta that I made the night before:


And thus endeth my pictures. Yep in the last day I dropped the ball hard. In more ways than just no pictures. Here is the rundown  of the things I had for the rest of “night” (aka up until 7am):

  • 3 twice baked potatoes with butter, daiya, and a splash of milk. Only a tbsp of butter between the three, they were tiny potatoes (maybe at most 2 inches long) not normal baking potato sized
  • 1/2 a bottle of beer
  • 2 tortillas with daiya and avocado
  • Peanut butter sandwich
  • 1/2 a carton of So Delicious cookies and creme ice cream

I haven’t binged like that since first committing to this lifestyle at the beginning of the year. I was over 1,000 calories. Not even remotely good, at all. No exercise, just a horrible rut. I’ve been taking it pretty hard, and honestly it’s been hard staying on track the past two nights. Am I were I was 40+ pounds ago? Absolutely not. Before it would have been double that, and not a single of it weighed/portioned out. Even in these harder times I’m still portioning out 1/4 cup of daiya, or a tbsp of peanut butter. It’s still doesn’t help mentally though, but I can only take things day by day. I moved out of the 300’s. I’m not going back. Totals for the day: 2,656 calories, 1.036 calories over losing weight calories.


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