Weigh-in #7


So let’s talk about this past weekend. I was all prepared to go out to the infield at Churchill Downs and have the time of my life with my friends Mercy, Rebecca, along with Rebecca’s brother and his friends. And then I spent some time thinking about it and realized that I really didn’t have the money to buy the ticket into the infield, and the amount of money spent on other things like alcohol and food (alcohol is not allowed in, but can be bought there, although I am proud of Mercy who I think wins the best way to sneak in alcohol award by using her hair). So, I ended up going over to Rebecca’s empty house, with no parties to go to since everyone I knew was at Churchill or at work, and did laundry, played with her two dogs, and just had a lazy Saturday. Her house is 2 miles from Churchill so it was almost like I was there! It’s sad, but there is always next year, which I plan to save up for and without a doubt go to.

This past Sunday I officially stepped back on the scale to start weigh-ins again. I was scared what it was going to be, since I have only been tracking my calories this past week, and even then I was consistently going over. I was scared what those weeks of doing that every day would have done to my progress. I was also scared because I decided that this weigh-in would be my first weigh-in that I announced over on my Youtube Channel. Writing it is entirely different then saying it out loud.

So, I figured out it might get a little confusing since it is Weigh-in #1 on video, but it is officially my Weigh-in #7 in total. We’ll see if it gets too annoying and I’ll have to fix it.

As you can tell from my video, my weigh-in was at 304.8. My last recorded weigh-in was on the 14th of February and it was at 298, which means that I have gained 6.8 lbs. I was honestly shocked when I stepped on the scale, not because of the gain, but how little it was. I had gotten on the scale a couple of weeks ago, right after the time of my birthday where I went out for every meal for probably a week, and then it had said I was 314. I was scared to death that it crept up farther and that when I stepped on it this time, I would have gained every last pound that I had lost. That’s not the case, I am proud to say. It’s a real wake up call, and it’s definitely motivated me to keep up my calorie counting, and slowly get back into a steady workout routine so that I can get back to the 298, and go even farther. I’ve done it before, there is nothing that can stop me from doing it again.

Maybe I’ll gain one week, and maybe I wont, maybe I’ll lose for a couple of weeks. It doesn’t matter how I get there. It’s continuously getting back on track and not letting the upsets of yesterday effect the today, the present, the now. We all fall off the horse. Some people jump up and get back on, others lay there for a while before getting on, and others get up and walk away. It doesn’t matter. As long as you get back up on that horse, and not walk away, you are not a failure, you are not giving up. I feel that I was laying down on the ground for a while these past couple of months, and I realized that I needed to get back up on the horse. I love horses, and horseback riding, so why should one little upset prevent me from never doing that again? I love my life, why should I let one upset ruin it, and quite possibly lead to death because of complications of my health in being this overweight.

Yesterday I also decided to try my hand at black bean burgers, which I haven’t ever made for myself but have ate plenty at restaurants. I had a recipe in my Spingpad (which I have been wanting to write up a post about, I might do later on) that I wanted to try from the time I saw the post over at Eating Bird Food come up in my reader.

Oh. My. God. They are amazing! So easy, so cheap, very little time and ingredients and fantastic. The recipe can be found here. Seriously, go try them. I’m having them for lunch. Love them! I know what I’ll be living off of this summer while in VA for my summerstock gig.