I’ve spent the day being relatively productive. I guess that’s what happens when you have a cat that thinks it’s a crime to sleep in past 7 am on the weekend. Sure, I haven’t done any of my laundry, or put away the dishes in my dishwasher (which may or may not have been in there for about a week…) but I’ve been doing some things and sorting out all the things slushing around in my head.

Obviously I haven’t been making videos, even more obviously since you are reading what I’m writing currently I haven’t blogged in a while. Sorry about that. I know I always make excuses, and then say I’m just making excuses in this fun little cycle but the fact of the matter is I haven’t felt the want…or really need to write down anything or record a video. Sure, I still have to update about my weigh-in from last Sunday, but I’ve been kind of blah on my creativity.

I changed that today and finally sat down and wrote a list of some of the videos I want to do, and blogs that I write. I always have ideas, and then never write them down and forget about them when it comes time to having an idea that I give up and not post. If I don’t have anything that I’m passionate about, or think is fun to talk about I just don’t care to do anything. I guess that’s part of the reason why I’m never consistent in keeping up things. I love the idea of having a blog and a video series, but I can never remember the things to make them fun and exciting for me.

I have probably mentioned it one thousand times, but I love, love, LOVE lists. Whether I follow them or not I make them. And that is what I have done. I have a ton of ideas of things to write and talk about, and now that I have this list I think actually doing them in a somewhat scheduled manner will actually be accomplished this go around. I also can do some of these things in advance, so the times that I am busy and legitimately have an excuse for not posting, I can have a backlog and not worry.

We’ll see, but for right now I’m excited that I have things to talk about.

If anyone who reads this blog wants to know more about something, or have any ideas of what you would like to see/read from me about let me know!



*Wow, I typed this up weeks ago and I didn’t know it had decided to be a private post and not actually post, sorry guys!*

Whoa…hi. It’s been far too long since I’ve written here. It’s been too long since I’ve been ABLE to write here. I’ve been super busy, and haven’t really had time to just stop and think.

Internet has been up and down, and I’ve been too lazy/crazy to post anything from my phone. What has been going on with me? Well, besides work I’ve been working on some side jobs and also hanging out a lot. Last weekend was the big art fair, and so I spent Saturday walking all over Old Louisville with thousands of people looking at hundreds of art booths and wishing I was rich. The highlight of the fair was the La Croix free samples they had out. All week before the fair started when I would drive to work (which is about a block and a half from where the fair was held) I saw about 5 pallets filled with cases of the water. I’ve been wanting to try it for a long time (I’m really picky about my sparkling waters) and was excited to see that they were giving out cans for free. I got one of each of the flavors. On the way back I told everyone to grab some more for me, since I was the only one who liked them, so that I could save them for later. Lo and behold they were giving CASES for free at that point! I ended up getting four cases of the water for free!

Yesterday I ended up going to Huber Farms for Heather’s birthday. I bought a lot of stuff, including some apple cider, various veggies from the farm, amazing fresh cheese and blackberry wine. I love that place! I of course ended up eating the most fattening/calorie rich lunch ever of fried chicken, cole slaw, green beens, fried biscuits w/ apple butter, blackberry cobbler and a ton more…and maybe seconds. Oh my god was it good, but I really didn’t need to eat that much of that kind of food. It was a nice day, and the weather was gorgeous, perfect fall weather. I ended up going to get my hair cut when we got back into town, and then spent today at Barnes and Noble and shopped for some last minute odds and ends. My fridge/freezer is packed with a ton of really good stuff right now and that makes me happy!

Just like Rory on the Gilmore Girls, I’m a fan of making lists. I make lists for everything. I’ve been working on a list of goals dealing with my weight loss and what I want to accomplish while on this journey. They are:

  1. Cut out red meat and pork
  2. Eat a good percentage of my diet vegetarian
  3. No more high-fructose corn syrup/hydrogenated oils
  4. Eat almost entirely natural/organic
  5. Stop drinking soda
  6. Drink more water
  7. Portion control

Cut Out Red Meat and Pork: I used to not eat red meat or pork, for about 8 years. I actually enjoyed it, and now that I’m not forced to eat whatever’s on the menu in the school cafeteria, I think it will be easier to get back into it. It helped a lot for me to pick smarter choices while at restaurants and my intake of meat decreased drastically.

Eating Vegetarian: Going along with my red meat removal, I really do want to try to go into a more vegetarian route. I tend to favor vegetarian meals when I’m out anyways, and I think that eating less meat is all around better for you, the environment, and animals.

Hydrogenated Oils: I truly believe they are the devil and I don’t understand why they are in everything that is even remotely cheap. I’ve been reading up on the studies done, and I am convinced that it has contributed in weight gain.

Natural/Organic Foods: I really enjoy eating/buying natural and organic foods, mostly because of the impact they have towards good on the environment, but also it’s nice to not have to worry what crap/chemical ridden ingredient is in food that you would never guess. It may be more money, but it is my health and I have to work on that before all else.

Stop Drinking Soda: Besides high-fructose corn syrup soda has added up to thousands of countless empty calories for me. I don’t need it, and there is no point in ingesting it. I want to thank the St. James Art Festival for helping curb my cravings with free La Croix sparkling water 🙂

Drink More Water: I’ve read on numerous sites and articles that your water intake should be equivalent to half you body weight (just in ounces). I don’t get nearly enough. I don’t understand why not, I actually like water. I love the way I feel after drinking it, I have a Brita water pitcher here in the apartment and a water cooler at work. It’s so readly available I’m kicking myself for being so stupid as to not have enough

Portion Control: I am horrible at portions! I think I know what a portion really is, but it always ends up off, and I take in far more extra calories then I plan. When I actually religiously take the time to measure out portions, I always do far better in weight loss.  I also binge frequently. I don’t know why I do it, I’ve tried to link it with common things, but it can happen when I’m happy or sad or bored. Any time! I am now trying to actively try to make lists of things that I can do to curb the urge to binge.