21 Day Challenge

I absolutely love Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea. It really is fabulous, you should all try it. I also love that it is cold enough outside for me to enjoy a warm cup of tea. I hate drinking hot liquids when it gets hot out, although I love the taste. Very fitting since I am sitting here watching a marathon of Antishay’s Youtube videos, since she is the one who recommended it. I am trying to find inspiration, motivation, and the mindset that I can do this, and I can start this journey again.

Hi, it’s me. I feel that I need to let you in on a secret. I know in the last post I said that I was tracking again. That wasn’t a lie, per se, but it became one. I tracked for a day. I don’t even think half a day before I stopped again. For no reason this time. I’m not working right now, and I don’t have money to warrant any sort of social life to distract me from it. I just didn’t do it. I feel awful. I feel awful for not doing it, and I feel awful for feeling awful about not doing it. I have been doing some soul searching, and really trying to find out what makes me do the things that I do, and I have realized that I need to work on not being so down on myself, especially in situtaions like this. It is ok for me to not track, it’s not the end of the world, and I can always start again, yet when I don’t track I give up and think of myself as a failure. It’s going to be hard to work through, since my entire life has been this way but knowing truly is half the battle, and I feel that I can work on this and in the long run help me out with my goals.

That being said, I am tracking again. Well, I will be starting tomorrow since the day is already gone (considering it’s past midnight now). There has been this trend on Youtube for a while to do a “21 Day Challenge”. The concept is that it takes about 21 days for something to become a habit, and so by challenging your self to do something for 21 days, it will become a habit. I have decided to incorporate that now, and I have challenged myself of three things:

  1. Track my food
  2. Drink 150 oz of water daily
  3. Pick up at least one thing a day, to keep the place tidy

It will be nice to challenge myself, and hopefully after these 21 days things will be a bit easier. I hope to get back to doing weigh-ins on Sundays, and to update this blog more, and also update my Youtube channel more. I in fact just put up a new video announcing my semi return.

Youtube will still be hard since I still do not have internet, but I enjoy putting up videos. I realized after I stopped doing the collab channel with my friend Evelyn, I missed having a document of my life to look back. So maybe my Youtube will incorporate more of my life outside of weight loss. I don’t want to put those things on my challenge, because honestly right now they aren’t the much of a priority for me.

Yesterday was Thunder Over Louisville. If you don’t live anywhere near here, Thunder is the big kick off for the anticipated Derby. There was an air show in the morning and fireworks display at night. I walked down to the riverfront (which is only about a mile away) and watched the air show, walked back to the apartment and then headed up to the roof of our building to watch the show. It’s pretty convenient to have that option, even though the Marriott blocks the view of the cool fireworks on the bridge, but it’s still better than trying to deal with the crowds. It gets insane. It’s crazy watching all the drunken people walk back to where they are parked (which is usually 2+ miles from the riverfront) and all the cars trying to leave downtown, it’s like a massive apocolypse had just occured.

That’s it for me. Hope all is well with everyone.



I’m recording and plugging into Lose It! all of my food and calories again.

I feel slowly that I’m accomplishing getting back to a healthy state of mind and body again.

I’m excited.

A Little Late

So, this is a tad bit late. I really have no excuse at all. I’ve had internet regularly, and haven’t been slammed with things I need to do when I get home, so really there is no way to get around it, I decided to be lazy and not write this post.

That being said, I was also lazy in my movement this past week. Other than the Sunday before last, I didn’t work out at all. I was running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off getting things done for the Tens. The elevator was broken, and the theatre we were using was on the second floor, so there were many up and down the spiral staircase with props trips. I don’t really count regular activity in my calories (my Lose It! is set for very little movement), I am on my feet a lot, moving heavy objects, and some times doing extensive carpentry stuff. Other than the staircase trips my week was spent sitting in the audience for loooooong tech days.

So, how did I do calorie wise?

Definitely not below the yellow line this week. Wenesday was a result of eating 10 almonds and a cracker for lunch. Not healthy at all, I know. The bright side is the fact that even though I went over my yellow line, I did stay under maintain the entire week, which is fine by me. I didn’t get as much in the way of balanced food, but I’m working on it this week with my amazingly stocked fridge of Costco finds!

New beginnings….round two

So here’s another attempt at creating a vlog on the internets. Hopefully this one will help me get motivated, and back to where I was at the begining of the summer. I was in a really good place, exercising, or at least moving every day and mindful of my eating. I was watching what servings really are, and making smarter, healthier decisions. I was happy, and it felt great.

The downfall came during the summer stock gig I had where the combination of eating cafeteria food and the emotional depressive state that I became in, I threw out my good habits all together. The first week was great, and then from that day onward for the next two months I ate crap, and then went and got more crap from fast food places.

It was not an ok path for me, I understand this. But I can’t let one set back ruin my chances of turning my life around for the better. I can look at what happened this summer as a learning experience. I can deconstruct it, and be able to change for the better. I’m excited to look at it as this. It will be good for me.

Now that that’s out of the way, onto the present! I started back up on my Youtube channel, which I think will help out immensely. It will almost hold me accountable, and I hate failure in front of groups, so psychologically it helps. I also can look back on it and find things that helped, and those that helped. It’s a great catalogue of the journey.