New beginnings….round two

So here’s another attempt at creating a vlog on the internets. Hopefully this one will help me get motivated, and back to where I was at the begining of the summer. I was in a really good place, exercising, or at least moving every day and mindful of my eating. I was watching what servings really are, and making smarter, healthier decisions. I was happy, and it felt great.

The downfall came during the summer stock gig I had where the combination of eating cafeteria food and the emotional depressive state that I became in, I threw out my good habits all together. The first week was great, and then from that day onward for the next two months I ate crap, and then went and got more crap from fast food places.

It was not an ok path for me, I understand this. But I can’t let one set back ruin my chances of turning my life around for the better. I can look at what happened this summer as a learning experience. I can deconstruct it, and be able to change for the better. I’m excited to look at it as this. It will be good for me.

Now that that’s out of the way, onto the present! I started back up on my Youtube channel, which I think will help out immensely. It will almost hold me accountable, and I hate failure in front of groups, so psychologically it helps. I also can look back on it and find things that helped, and those that helped. It’s a great catalogue of the journey.