Wireless Theatre

Just a quick update while I’m sitting here in tech doing nothing…we have wireless over here! We were called for a tech notes meeting at 11, but apparently that’s not the case considering I’m sitting here watching Justin give notes to all the apprentices for their shift rehearsal. It would have been nice to know that this was happening. Oh well, such is the life of a props master who doesn’t work in the theatre (the shop is in a seperate wharehouse about 2ish miles away).

I just wanted to kind of quickly update, and cure my boredom) about how the begining of my second week is going to work out. I think this might be one of my hardest. I’ll be done worrying about this show by the end of tomorrow and I also will be paid on Thursday which means I’ll be going on my first real grocery trip after buckling down. It will be a combination of trying to get the most out of my money, and the best foods to produce the results I need. It’s going to be hard. Last night I wanted nothing more than going to get fast food after our horrendous 10 out of 12 (ten hours of tech, with a 2 hour dinner break). I didn’t, but it was ridiculously hard not to.

Since my budget is so small, I basicaly only have money for my first paycheck of the month, and the next goes to rent and parking. So by the first of the month I’m craving for tons of things, since I’ll be out of everything by that time. It it also the time I end up eating out and eating crapily.

We’ll see how it all happens. Hopefully it won’t be too hard