2010 Weigh-Ins

Welcome to my 2010 Weigh-in page!

I tried to keep this updated with every weigh-in that I did. Since the Wii Fit has a slightly different weight for me, and the closest record I have at a starting weight from when I seriously started doing this, I have a separate list* for that as well as my normal scale track. I always weighed in on Sunday mornings when I woke up, but the Wii Fit is much more sporadic, and is why I don’t use it as official stats.

*Note, from now on I will vary rarely track my weight on the Wii Fit. I will keep the numbers from last year, and update a few but it will be low priority. I don’t use the Wii Fit as much (purely because I have yet to spend the money on batteries. I know, lame) so it’s packed away. Maybe one day I’ll start using it more.

Sunday Weigh-ins

  • Starting Weight Summer ’09: 315 lbs (rough estimate)
  • Starting Weight This Round 1-3-10: 314.8 lbs
  • 1-10-10: 305.8 lbs -9 lbs
  • 1-17-10: 303 lbs -2.8 lbs
  • 1-24-10: 299 lbs -4 lbs
  • 1-31-10: 301.2 lbs +2.2 lbs
  • 2-7-10: 298 lbs -3.2 lbs
  • 2-14-10: 298 lbs maintain
  • 5-2-10: 304.8 lbs +6.8 lbs
  • 5-9-10: 300 lbs -4.8 lbs
  • 8-11-10: 285.2 lbs -12.6 lbs

And here ends my weigh-ins for a long. long. time. Then I made my tumblr and did fairly well in keeping at least my consistent Sunday weigh-ins going. You can find all of my 2011 weigh-ins here on its own page to make things easier, and to keep you having to scroll down forever.

I didn’t forget to keep my Wii Fit weigh-ins! Here they are in all there glory:

Wii Fit Weigh-ins

  • 6-2-09 Summer: 321.9 lbs
  • 6-5-09 Summer: 319.4 lbs
  • 1-10-10: 304.7 lbs

So many of them, I know 🙂


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