Weigh-In #1

This week has been ridiculously, amazingly, perfect in terms of my eating and getting water in. There were a couple of days were I went a bit under calories that I was comfortable with, but for the most part I had a good balance of everything. I was definitely “Below the Yellow Line” for the entire week (which starts on Mondays for me). Here’s the stats from LoseIt!:

Exercise accounted for 673 of those calories (my goal calories, or the yellow line, is set at 2,117)

The smallest victory in the entire week was on Thursday when I refused free delivery pizza for the more sensible option of couscous. It helped to since I currently have nothing in the way of lunch making items till next pay day, so the entirety of my lunches have to be leftovers. I diligently measured out everything from butter to oil to even the low cal vegetables. If I’m going to do it for one thing, I have to continue it for all so that I begin to develop a habit of it. If you’ve never tried measuring out everything to exact portions, do it! It may be tedious at first, but you really do develop a rhythm and it’s incredible at making you focus on what you really want to “pay” for in terms of calories. It helps keep my portions control (which I desperately need) and I’m so more willing to only put in a portion of an item I might have put in, in some cases, well over 5 servings of for a one serving thing. It’s shocking, but puts everything into perspective. I would even say that this alone is more of a key to weight loss than journaling everything (although I combine the two).

Every Sunday I am going to be weighing myself and I think I’m finally ok with putting the results in the blog. I need to record it, and since I’m relying heavily on this blog for that, it just needs to happen. I can’t get around it anymore

I have a Biggest Loser Scale that I can’t for the life of me remember what model it is, and don’t really want to check. If you want to know, just leave a comment. I go it over the summer because my mom is obsessed with QVC. That means I get nice presents because they are on “sale” which really means “I want to buy one for myself, but feel bad so I’ll buy a second one for my daughter”. I can’t really complain, it’s a win-win situation ☺ I also use this awesome app on my iPhone that is really only awesome because of the sound effects on it. It’s called Weightbot. I think it’s around $1.99.

My starting weight last Sunday was 314.8 and this week I am at:

That means I am down 9lbs!

I really don’t know for sure why I’m down that much. I knew I was going to be down a pretty good amount because every time I start losing weight, I do drop a good amount my first week (when I first started Weight Watchers in high school I dropped about 5-6 lbs the first week). I do know of some causes of why I’m down as much, so the number may be misleading:-I am considerably heavier than I was in high school, and I do think that it could play a part in losing weight more quickly.

  • I’m much more heavier than I was in high school
  • I’m on my period, and that could lead to weird numbers
  • I have worked out 3 times this week as opposed to nothing the weeks before.
  • This week has been more stressful than most. I’ve been worrying a lot about the show coming up and the stress has been effecting me, most nights I’m up until 2 am just thinking about it and worrying.

I feel the combination of all those things lead to such a great loss. I’m not too worried though, if I was smaller this number might scare me, but I am at a number in my weight that it’s really only going to effect me for the good. I hope that next week’s weigh-in will be in a more normal range. I feel good about this week, though. I went to the gym, yet didn’t push myself to the point of no harm (I maybe even slacked off a bit), I ate enough till I was full, and drank the right amount of water. Those things I am proud of.